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"..Marlon's products are simple to use, delightful to look at, hypnotic to read, and most importantly, they help you get the job done."

Whenever Marlon's stuff arrives, everything stops in my office.  Calls go on hold, and the door gets locked while I explore the CD's.  I'm not kidding - my heart races and my full attention goes into learning mode.  Its the format - the usability, and the walk through help he gives that are a pleasure to work with.

I'm impressed by how quickly small CD packages arrive after ordering. I'm also impressed by the follow up aftercare and surprise bonuses I keep getting.  You'd be insane to go anywhere else.  It also amazes me how you've utilised streaming technology to create such interactive presentations.  Hope that's on a CD somewhere so I can too.

Jonathan Clark
Developer & Founder of HGE



"Very Well Written"

I was reading through your How To Create Your Own Product and it is very well written. I've been waiting for someone to write it in an easy to understand format so I can explain it to my joint venture partners better.

Now I know they will have no problem understanding the system. Thanks.



"I rate marketing experts and ..."

As someone who rates and ranks marketing experts, Marlon Sanders is by far and away not only the best marketer I have ever met but also a true "Class Act." Something that is rare in Internet marketing.

His ideas have not only saved me thousands of dollars, those same concepts have saved me hundreds of hours of my time.  He is the only other marketing expert that I recommend 100%.  PERIOD!

Marlon also reveals the truth about search engines. While other "marketing experts" would have you do everything by hand (which takes forever), Marlon shows you how to do it 100-times faster and 10-times more effective with automation.

Matt Gagnon


"Nothing is left out"

I have searched the net from top to bottom--this is by far the best information out there and at a price that everyone can afford--I am extremely pleased!!! Your info has shown me the path through the Internet jungle to do this for myself. Close you eyes, bite the bullet and buy the product--You'll never regret it!! It answers all your questions clearly, nothing is left out.

Ken Kerr
La Jolla, CA


"...I have changed the course of my business becouse of those tips and it has really taken off!"

 I have been following Marlon for about 3 months and the results are amazing. I did a couple of mini courses. And applied a few of the things he says to my business.

I have changed the course of my business becouse of those tips and it has really taken off!

Thanks Marlon!

Gita Wellington,
New Zealand



Create Your Own Product

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Dear Friend,

See this GOOFY little web site?

It's crazy.

But what you're looking at right there made me $28,000+ over the years for a product that took me about 3 hours to create, give or take an hour or two.

And that's not the only one. Some of my other sites have done $50,000 and $100,000. I freaking HATE it when I do one that only sells $10,000 or $20,000. Kinda sucks once you get used to "the money."

But let's cut to the chase:

Listen, I know you want to make money online. I know you'd rather trade something for dollars other than your own personal time. Because trading time for dollars sucks.

You only have so many hours in a day.

That means you need to trade something else. And that something else is products. But you don't want to stuff your garage full of garbage you're selling on ebay and live down at the UPS store.

I know there are 40 billion people blaring at you via email about how they have the magic get-rich-quick-system.

Well get this. I DON'T!

What I DO have is a way to make more money than most people trading products for dollars instead of my own time. So what separates me from any other web page you run across?

I've been doing this since 1998 and before. You can check the "who is" on if you don't believe that. What's more, I've read others who say that. But I've been doing this FULL freaking time making my living at it.

You know that book the 4 Hour Work Week? I thought it was good except I realized I'd have to work 3 MORE hours a week if I wanted to implement it.

Here is my simple 3-step system

Step one: You're going to learn how to find out exactly what your customers or prospects want to buy.  This is NOT about listening in on forums or surfin' the Net to see what's selling good at Yahoo!  

This is a specific strategy I've perfected in over 10 years of experimentation.

Step two: You're going to find out how to put together an excellent product in a flash, even if you aren't an expert at anything and aren't a "good talker."  Again, this is not about ebooks, tapes or such.  It's similar but different.

Step three: You're going to find out my own personal strategy for testing products that has not only made me a lot of money but has also saved me a lot of heartache.

I've put all my secrets together in a simple, quick read that'll tell you what I do, how I do it and give you a path for doing the same yourself.

Here's a summary of what you'll discover: 

* How I create information-based products in a hurry that sell for $30 to $97...and even more. 

* How to avoid all the BAD advice about creating your own product. 

* Step-by-step what to do and how to do it (using the same system I have used to create a variety of products.)

* Get the names and phone numbers of the suppliers I have used that allow me to enjoy a 1,000% profit on my products -- and more!

* My secrets of digital and non-digital speed product creation.

* Get the exact, proven system I use to create products at home from scratch. I sell these products for as much as $29 to $600.00. 

* Discover how to develop products that require little or no inventory. 

* Why sell other people's products for a paltry 50% profit when you can make 1,000% profit, day in and day out?

* Find out the easiest, simplest product to create from the convenience of your own home, even if you hate writing. Create products without writing using the latest computer technology.

* Save thousands of dollars of wasted time and effort on trial and error learning. I wasted thousands of dollars of equipment and resources I DID NOT need. You'll probably make the same mistakes I did if you don't get this program. 

* Think you can't make your own product? Think again! I believe just about everybody has a great product idea hidden inside them just waiting to pop out. I'll show you how to uncover your natural product-creation genius that slumbers within. 

* When you create your own product using my system, your product can actually be making money for you WHILE YOU SLEEP or enjoy other activities! I often wake up and find I've made $100, $500 OR MORE while I was asleep!

* STOP wasting your time, energy and genius making other people rich. Get your own share of the product pie and have at least a chance to make yourself rich! 

* Learn a system that is actually practical for you to use. There are a lot of products that take way too much time and money to create. You do NOT need a pile of money to make your own product the Marlon Sanders' way. 

Why? Because you need to keep little or NO INVENTORY of the product. You deliver your products as a downloadable file, so you don't have to print or ship anything!

* Avoid losing an arm and a leg on cash-intensive product businesses where you have to risk a bunch of money when you don't know if the product is going to sell. A friend of mine lost a quarter of a million dollars this way (BEFORE I knew her).  

* When you create your own products my way, you won't have to be involved in programs that cause you to rely on other people's efforts -- unless you want to. 

Since you'll have a 1,000% profit margin, you'll have the markup you need to make money selling your products yourself. You CONTROL how much money you make....NOT other people who can flake out on you any time. 

* Do you need LEADS and NEW CUSTOMERS for your business? If you do, then here's a great idea that has worked magic for businesses. Use one of my products as a low-cost lead generator. I'll tell you how to do it in the information.

* Know why owning AND controlling your own products is a great idea? Because it's the last way to escape the job rat race. When you have a job, you have to be working to make money. If you don't work, you don't make money. When you own your own products, your products make you money while you sleep or do other things you enjoy. 

* Imagine what it would be like to actually make a net profit while you're vacationing in Hawaii or the Bahamas or wherever you like to go. People who own their own products can do this. Why? Because their products make money for them. 

* Find out how to do something today that you can be paid for over and over and over again for years to come. My friend Jonathan Mizel (publisher of the Online Marketing Letter) calls this making money like a Rock Star! 

* How to get "instant" testimonials for your ebooks... even if you haven't made one sale yet.

* What you should add and change in your e-book to successfully sell outside your own country.

* How to reduce your eBook returns to almost ZERO! 2 methods that cost you nothing and save you a lot.

* How to find the perfect sellable subject for your ebook - and why YOU are the best person to select it.

* You'll even discover how to write your own "how-to" ebook manual - one of the greatest-selling forms of information product you can have. And you'll do it using a unique "Shopping List" method that makes putting your e-book together a breeze...

I've put all these secrets and more on my killer product called: 

How to Create Your Own Products In A Flash That Sell Like Crazy

I am confident that if you follow my formula as presented you will be able to create your first salable product in two to ten hours, maybe twenty or thirty absolute max if you're meticulous. 

Since I don't know you, your background nor your intelligence level, your results may vary. But honestly, I think you can should be able to do it in 20 hours or less if you follow my very simple, practical, proven system.

If it takes longer, I can guarantee it's still a whole lot faster than virtually every other product creation method out there.

Now, I'm talking about 10-20 hours cumulative time. You don't do the 20 hours all at once. It's spread out over a week or two.

I explain all that in the product itself.

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Money Back Guarantee!

I know that this is probably your first time to order from my company. And I want to have you as a customer FOR LIFE! 

So to remove ALL the risk from ordering and taking a chance on me, I'm going to take a chance on you. 

Get my product, use it and create your own product. If you aren't 500% thrilled and satisfied with the results, just send me an email, and I'll give you 100% of your money back! That's how confident I am this will work for you! 

You WON'T want your money back. But in the rare event you did, you just go to: and post a ticket 24/7 and I'll handle it for you.

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Grab a copy of the new, revised version of "Create Your Own Products in a Flash", BEFORE midnight tonight and I'll guarantee you'll get INSTANT ACCESS to the following brand new incredible bonuses:

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How To Create Instant Skypecast Audio Info-Products In A Flash!

How to create instant "Skypecast" info-products that you can sell for $20 to $200 (or more) -- apiece!

If you've ever thought about doing your own series of conference calls or holding an "interview with an expert" that you can turn into it's own product but just weren't sure how to record it, where to get the software or which programs to use then listen up:

Using these step by step instructions you'll discover:

  • Which inexpensive $20 program to use to record the call.
  • Which FREE conference service to use.
  • How to instantly turn your conferences or interviews into .mp3
    files you can post to your web site, blog, or even iTunes!

Without exact instructions on how to record your Skypecast conferences you can easily end up wasting hours and hours of time and hundreds of dollars on equipment you don't want, or need, so we've made this drop-dead simple with step by step instructions that show you exactly what to do and how to do it, from beginning to end.


How to cut your printing costs by as much as 50% while using point 'n click print on demand services to create, sell and deliver your own books.

We'll take you by the hand and show you where and how to use extremely simple point 'n click "print on demand services" to turn your digital ebooks and info-products into actual printed books and manuals.

In just five minutes or less you can upload, proof and print your very first book in 8.5 x 11 inch size, technical manual size, paperback size or any other typical book format for just a few dollars a copy.

Best of all, there are NO MINIMUMS!

If all you want is 1 book, you can print just 1 using the service I recommend.

Traditional print shops have minimums of 50 or 100 (often more) copies required to do a "short run", and the problem with that is you can easily end up with a TON of leftover printed books if you can't sell them before they start to become outdated.

That's what makes this service a real thing of beauty, because you can print small quantities like 5 or 10 at a time and have them shipped to YOUR fulfillment center or directly to your customer for just a few dollars.

We'll take you by the hand and walk you through the entire process, step by step, from opening your FREE account to choosing your book template, book size, binding options, uploading the PDF of your product and proofing it.


How to REVITALIZE your up-front sales and (potentially) INCREASE your day to day profits by breathing new life into your tired, aging and outdated info-products.

How to quickly and easily breathe new life into your outdated info-products without writing a bunch of new content and without doing MAJOR revisions, by EMBEDDING actual video files directly into your PDF documents.

We'll show you how to turn your boring, lifeless text only PDF's into interactive multi-media products in just five minutes or less.

Forget about links to videos that open in the default media player. The videos we're talking about are embedded right INTO the PDF with actual video playback controls, giving your customers a more exciting info-product learning experience.

Additional 10 Day Video Bonuses:

10 days after ordering you'll receive our step by step video demonstration bonuses that show you exactly how to do things like create PDF files, compile your ebooks using some of the top software programs available and how to upload your ebooks via FTP.

Special Bonus Video coming by email in 10 days:

"How to Create Simple PDF Files Anytime You Create a New Product or Bonus!"

Once you've created your own product you may want to consider a PDF version for your Mac or PC users.

It sounds simple enough, but have you ever seen the "how to manual" that comes with Adobe Acrobat? It's insanely hard to understand!

Forget all those hard to understand instructions. Sit back, spend 10 minutes watching our "How to Create PDF Files" video and you'll be PDF'ing in no time flat!

Special Bonus Video coming by email in 10 days:

"How to Compile Your First Ebook in EXE Format to Easily Distribute On the Net"

In these two special bonus videos we're going to show you how to take your new product in HTML format and compile it into a nifty .exe program for download from your site.

There are two very popular programs you can use to do this and we'll cover them both:


This means you can deliver your newly created product to your customers quickly and professionally.

Special Bonus Video coming by email in 10 days:

"How to Upload Your New Ebook by FTP So Your Customers Can Start Downloading it Right Away!"

Once your new ebook is ready you just need to get it up onto your server so your customers can download it from your website after ordering.

So how exactly do you do that? Well, it's going to be easy once you watch our step by step video that shows you exactly how to get your new ebook up and onto your server via FTP.

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